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         The members of Specific Clubs that join in the sites ensemble generic named Club Romania can be of three categories:

honorary members - those members which in their quality of VIP they agreed to become members of the Specific Club. They are permanent members and they have not financial obligations.
trial members - those members who signed up the registration form and they find themselves on trial period of 30 days, until they get the acknowledgement from the Specific Club’s administration. On this trial period, these members have limited access rights, and they have not financial obligations.
full members - those members who received the acknowledgement from the Club’s administration and they paid their registration fee and also the monthly duty at least for the first three months.

         The Specific Clubs that join in the ensemble generic named Club Romania offer to their members and to their guests specialized services like:

  • Members dedicates services

    • Trail membership:

      • registration in members’ catalogue;

      • personal E-mail account;

      • limited access to the database .

    • Full and honorific membership
      This members accede all facilities and actions available in the Specific Club like:

      • registration in the members’ catalogue;

      • personal e-mail account;

      • standard personal web-page;

      • full access to the database;

      • access to discussions and communications facilities (chat, discussion forum, Netmeeting );

      • optional:

        • personal page of publicity;

        • links to other servers;

        • publicity banners.

         The full member quality ends by missing payment due for the next period of time, or by club administration decision, in extraordinary cases, regarding the violation of the club’s internal rules.
         The registration fee is only once payment with the occasion of the Specific Club approval and is varying between US$ 30¸50 depending on the specific of the Club. The monthly fee is between US$ 10¸25 also depending on the specific of the Club. Tge monthly fee has to be paid for minimum three months in advance. The payment of the fee is made at the BNR exchange rate fixed in the payment’s day and do not include VAT. Natural persons members can benefit till 50% discount. In this fees are included standard services. Optional services, respective design and/or hosting of big publicity pages, link to other servers hosting publicity pages, publicity in the “Latest News” groups and also the personal banners publishing, are separate payment options, at negociable fees on the price up-to-dated lists.
         Services offer to visitors:

  • consulting of members’ catalogue and public exposed publicity

  • pages;

  • Guest book;

  • web application form;

  • visitors’ number counter and their statistics.

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