Welcome to ROMANIA !

Welcome to a market of 23 million people, the second-largest market in Central Europe. Welcome to a country with a diversified economy and a powerful industrial sector. Welcome to a country with substantial natural resources: oil, gas, coal, metals and minerals, arable land and timber. Welcome to a country with a well - educate, flexible, multi-lingual workforce. Welcome to a country half- way between Atlantic and the Urals. A direct link, along the Danube, between the North Sea and the Black Sea. A natural trading bridge to 200 million consumers within a 1,000 km radius. Welcome to a country committed to a privatization and renewal,open to Western capital,management skills, technology and free market philosophy.

Romania is the perfect land of contrasts and paradoxes: the country of Constantin Brancusi, Eugene Ionesco, Emil Cioran, Mircea Eliade, and Nadia Comaneci, but also of Dracula and Nicolae Ceausescu. The Old World of Romania is a vast museum of ancient heritage and still alive even if only through its famous painted churches and monasteries, its folk art, or its feudal castles in the Carpathian Mountains. The New World may be embodied by the Parliament Palace and the subway network in Bucharest, or by the Western styles of life adopted by Romania's townsfolk.



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