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     For easier use of the facilities and functions of Club Romania site as well as of Specific Clubs sites, allow us to help you to discover their possibilities by this "Help".

     After you chose on the first page of Club Romania site, the Specific Club which you are interested in, and you clicked on it, you arrived in the selected Specific Club's first page, such as: Business Club. There you find out, in the left part of the page, the buttons About Club, Latest, News, Members, Opportunities and Tools, which allow you, as guest, to visit the Specific Club that you chose, to find out who are the members of this club, what opportunities they offer, and what about the specific news which the club informs you. Also thru the "Quick bulletin board" window, which you found it on the right site, you are informed about the hottest news, announcements or opportunities issued in club's activity.

     After you visited Club Romania and some of Specific Clubs sites, if you are interested to join in the intimacy offered by our site, you can sign in, for 30 days free trial membership, using "Members Login", according to "Membership Agreement" that, after you read and you agreed it, we ask you to sign it by pushing the "ACCEPT" button, from the bottom of the page. Further on, you are requested to fill in the register initial form, with the minimum of requested data, becoming on this way, as a trial member. From now, when you wish to access in as member, the selected club, you have only to introduce the login name and the password, that you defined before, and you will be accepted in the member's first page, which belongs to you.

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